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Exceptional Events & Creative Content Delivered with Care 

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About Oscar & Ma

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Engage & Delight Your Audience

A, non-profit event and creative services company, Oscar & Ma produces virtual, hybrid and in-person events with warmth and excellence—just like “Ma” would provide.

Our superior events and marketing services enable non-profits and companies to succeed at their important fundraising, member engagement and sales activities.

As a part of our mission, we hire apprentices from underserved communities, providing training and professional development.

Our ability to deliver superior events and creative content in a complex  world, combined with our mission to employ the underserved, makes us the unparalleled choice for non-profits, organizations and businesses alike.

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Events & Solutions

Oscar & Ma offers fun and compelling events as well as a variety of specialized marketing services to help you connect with your donors, customers or other prospects.

Outdoor Event


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Drawing on a Board

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Clapping Audience

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Video Production

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Outdoor Night Event

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Employing an Underserved Population

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in increased unemployment, disproportionately among marginalized and underserved populations. Oscar & Ma’s goal is to create a workplace where people who need job opportunities can receive on-the-job training and experience in a professional field. 

Working with other non-profit partners, Oscar & Ma generates apprentice-like opportunities for people with barriers to employment, including the formerly incarcerated, foster youth, homeless, and survivors of domestic violence, teaching skills and providing a pathway to future employment. 


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