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Make Your Next Event a Success 

Event planning, marketing, video, and creative services for companies, nonprofits and foundations.

In-Person, Hybrid & Virtual Events

Captivate your audience with events that tell your story in a powerful way. As a nonprofit, Oscar & Ma understands the importance of producing high-quality events for you donors and volunteers. 


Whether it be a gala, a donor thank you, a holiday lunch, or a large hybrid fundraiser, Oscar & Ma can create and customize a premium event for your organization.  

We can also help re-envision your event to meet the demands of a COVID and post-COVID world. Multi-location audiences are becoming the norm, and we can help you deliver a compelling message to both in-person and remote viewers.

As the specialists in event planning and management, Oscar & Ma is available to plan your next event from end to end.

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Pre & Post-Event Marketing

For most organizations, the event results are realized the night of the event. Our goal is to maximize your results before and after the event, with customized strategic initiatives. 


Before the event, we begin with strategy and specific campaigns tied to your KPIs, including driving traffic and registrations through lead generation, email campaigns, organic and paid social media initiatives, and search engine marketing. 


Post-event, we focus on building long-term relationships with data analysis, attendee & donor tracking, and follow-up. 


Live-Streaming & Event Broadcasts 

Broadcast high-quality content to your online viewers on location in a ballroom or studio setting. Include virtual speakers/contributors from anywhere in the world. Choose single or multiple camera production for an engaging online experience.


In addition, Oscar & Ma can provide platform recommendations, as well as audio, lighting, set design & decoration to maximize results for all audiences.

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Creative Services & Content Creation

Whatever your cause or organization, we help you tell your story. Our services include content creation such as inspirational videos, customer case studies, testimonials multi-media production, in-person storytelling and much more.

Working with our clients, we craft the content to your audience in a way that is authentic and meaningful.

Oscar & Ma can jumpstart your donor initiatives such as general fundraising, digital marketing to engage prospective donors, email and social media campaigns, videos, year-end giving, and donor gifts. Once we have identified your goals and objectives, we have many choices available to help you connect with your donors such as gift delivery, silent auctions, virtual and hybrid events as well as online strategy and digital marketing campaigns.

For example, a capital campaign may start with a virtual kick-off event and silent auction, followed by drip email & social media campaigns, and conclude wrap-up dinner with thank you gifts.

Donor  Fundraising 

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Run of Show and Event Script Writing

During your event, a smooth run-of-show is paramount. Oscar & Ma can work with you on the event script, pacing, and speaker performances, ensuring that the event looks polished and that you achieve your desired outcomes. We can also ensure the event is optimized for both an in-person and on-line audience.

Donor Support
Creative Services
Live-Streaming & Broadcasts
Run of Show & Script
Special Events

 Event-Ready Programming

Oscar & Ma also offers event-ready programs for holidays and other special occasions such as Zoom with Santa and the Easter Bunny, wine tastings for Valentine's Day, mixology trainings, golf-rounds and celebrity chef events.


Bring us your special event idea or we can create one together to fit the needs  of your audience.

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Gift Boxes

Gift Boxes and VIP Experiences

Make every event special for attendees with gift boxes and special surprises provided at the event or delivered to their home or office.

Oscar & Ma can also provide VIP experiences such as theater tickets and specialty sports events available for live and silent auctions or other donor thank you gifts.

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