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Workforce Development Updates

Updated: Apr 18, 2023

We have some Exciting Academy Developments in 2023!

Academy Overview

As part of our organizational mission, Oscar & Ma offers an on-the-job training academy where employees can apprentice to learn a particular job over the course of a year.

Programs for employees include exposure to a Business work environment, personal and professional development, and job placement services.

Each trainee has a 1-year commitment. Trainees work 20 hours a week. The company trains 16 people per year (4 per quarter).

In addition, support services are provided including logistical help (transportation support), professional wardrobe, and career assessment training.

Academy members can apprentice in the following career areas:

  • Event planning

  • Event production

  • Video creation

  • General office skills

At the completion of the one-year academy, the expected outcome for each trainee is to obtain and sustain full-time employment in order to establish financial independence.

Academy Updates

We have some academy-related updates for Q1 2023 . We have two new academy trainees who are training in the area of event planning. A third trainee is scheduled to start this month.

New office!

We've outgrown our office and have moved to a new one in Irvine. Oscar & Ma is sharing this beautiful office space with Captive Eight and Crescent Solutions, providing a great opportunity for cross-business knowledge sharing and a chance for the Academy trainees to meet and get exposed to various businesses.

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