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Planning Sustainable Events

Updated: May 23, 2023

How to incorporate eco-friendly practices and create sustainable events

Our future is not only determined by the generous acts of the people that inhabit our world but also by the ways in which we care for it.

Group of volunteers at sustainable event

Incorporating environmentally-friendly practices into your next event is a great way to show that your company or organization cares about the environment and about building a sustainable future. There are many ways to establish sustainable practices during events, including selecting the right venue, finding local catering, using eco-friendly supplies, and much more, so let us dive in and explore the options!

Select the Right Venue

Venue selection is a crucial starting point for planning your sustainable event. Although finding the perfect place can be on the trickier side due to certain restrictions of location, space, availability, etc., choosing a venue that has more eco-conscious qualities is a great start. Such features may include energy-efficient lighting, low-flow bathroom plumbing, or easy accessibility by public transportation.

Another option is choosing an outdoor venue that provides a natural setting for your event. Regardless of where you are, fresh air and beautiful surroundings are always a fun alternative to an indoor location.

Reduce Waste

Another important practice in elevating the sustainability of your event is in reducing waste. This can be achieved by using reusable silverware, plates, and cups. Reusable flatware and tableware are not only much better for the environment when serving large parties of people but also more aesthetically pleasing than a plastic option.

Farm-to-Table Catering

Choosing a sustainable catering service is delicious and great for the environment! With locally sourced ingredients, the “farm-to-table” catering service will taste great, support local businesses, and reduce the overall carbon footprint of your event. You can even request that the caterer reduces the food waste of the event by pre-planning portions and coordinating any excess food to be donated to local food banks or shelters. Do you see the amazing domino effect of sustainability yet?

farm to table food for sustainable events

In a diverse area that appreciates good food like that of California, there are many catering companies that can help you with your event - check out Primal Alchemy Catering, Ellie’s Table, Green Truck, and more. For national choices, there are a few nationwide catering services to check out: Rosemary's Catering, Catering by Michaels, and Green Plate Catering. The list goes on with many catering services adopting an eco-friendly approach to how they source their ingredients and reduce their waste bite by bite.

Eco-Friendly Gift Packages

When planning gift bags or other goodies, including eco-friendly items will elevate your event even more. As gift bags are frequently promotional items for events, reusable bags are not only adorable and fun, but minimize the plastic waste you include for your guests. Add reusable water bottles, straws, and other trending yet eco-friendly items!

Recycling and Composting

Incorporating recycling and composting into your event is another easy way to increase its overall sustainability. Simply set up recycling and composting stations throughout your event space. Be sure to place these in visible areas and clearly label them, while also informing and educating the staff to be sure that these stations are organized and well-managed. This practice is not only effective but helps to promote sustainable behaviors, encouraging your attendees to contribute to a healthier environment and incorporate these practices into the office as well.

recycling and reusable items.

Energy Conservation

Conserving energy doesn’t just apply at your office, but at your events too. Try to utilize energy-efficient equipment like LED lights and be sure to turn off the lighting when it is not in use.

Other ways to save energy include incentivizing carpooling and finding venues that are close to transportation hubs. Offer discounted tickets or closer parking for carpooling groups to reduce the carbon footprint of your event.

Save a Tree

In this day and age, using digital communication is normal. By using email and social media to promote and receive RSVPs for events, the overall paper waste will be reduced. There are many digital invitations and RSVP apps out there that are easy to use and easy to manage, such as Eventbrite . Include your sustainability goals in the promotional content your attendees receive by informing them of all of the different eco-friendly features that will be a part of the event. If it is absolutely necessary to use paper invitations for your event, be sure to use recyclable resources.


With these tips, your events can achieve your goals and objectives while maximizing sustainability. You don’t have to sacrifice one for the other. By applying eco-friendly practices, you will simultaneously promote a greener future and help raise awareness of a global issue we face today. Doing so may even inspire your audience and attendees to adopt more environmentally-conscious practices in their daily lives, both in and out of the office.

Here at Oscar & Ma, we are taking steps to ensure that our events mirror these values. Not only are we committed to social and employment sustainability, but environmental Sustainability as well!

Let's preserve and protect our futures by adopting eco-conscious practices! contact us for your next event, and we'll be sure to make a splash (with our reusable water bottles of course).

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