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12 Fundraising Ideas for 2022

Updated: Feb 8, 2022

2022 is underway, and COVID is still making it Challenging for nonprofits to plan fundraisers. The good news is that there are still unique & creative ways to connect with donors.

Events that are either outside or can be easily pivoted to Hybrid or virtual can help you ensure that your Campaign is a success regardless of the Circumstances.

Oscar & Ma can be your partner in all things fundraising. Let us help you create meaningful experiences to maximize giving. Check out some creative ideas to inspire donors throughout the year!

golf tournament fundraiser

Golf Tournament

Outside events are a great way to bring together people in a fun and safe environment. Golf tournaments create a fun Enviroment for people to engage in friendly competition.

Charity walk or Run

Charity Walk/Run

A charity walk or run is another way to use the outdoors to promote your cause. People can solicit sponsorships or fund the event themselves and enjoy some healthy time together.

Chef Demonstration Fundraiser

Chef Demonstration

These can be either virtual or in person, and a perfect idea for evening events. Enjoy cooking appetizers, entrees or desserts while hearing about your favorite cause.

Mixology Event

A fun alternative to cooking is a mixed drink demonstration. Learn how to shake or stir your favorite mocktail or cocktail.

Talent Show

Showcase your team's talents or bring in a celebrity ringer to top off the evening. This event can be done in person or virtually and is a great way to engage your audience.

Fashion Show

A fashion show is popular with many audiences, and a great way to combine the latest trends with fundraising. This event can also be done virtually.

Sandcastle contest fundraiser

Sandcastle Contest

Meet up at your local beach or lakeshore for a fun afternoon of sand and sun. Offer donated prizes for the top winners and Contributions.

Scavenger Hunt Fundaiser

Scavenger Hunt

Explore your local town or neighborhood with some friendly competition. Include local businesses owners for additional opportunities for donations.

Meet the Expert Fundraiser

An Evening with an Expert

Find a local expert in a fun or educational field to provide expertise on a topic of local or topical interest.

Trivia Night Fundraiser

Trivia Night

A trivia tournament is another unique way to bring people together either in-person or virtually. Set up remote teams or have people participate as Individuals.

Art Walk Fundraiser

Art Walk

Local art and craft are always popular and an opportunity to connect local artists with your donors.

Crowd Funding for Nonprofits

Crowdfunding Campaign

Crowdfunding is a good way to engage a large population of small-dollar donors. They work well with annual fundraising events and are inexpensive.

Oscar & Ma would love to help you create any of these events or brainstorm with you on an Idea you may have.

Please contact us to begin planning your next Fundraiser.

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