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Oscar & Ma Signs a 5-Year Contract with CalOptima for Day Habilitation through CalWorks Program

Updated: Jan 16


Oscar & Ma is thrilled to announce a partnership with CalOptima. The organization has signed a 5-year contract with CalOptima to provide day habilitation services through its CalWorks program.

This strategic collaboration aims to create a positive impact on the community by providing life-skills and job-skills training to underserved and unhoused people in Orange County.

Unlocking Opportunities

The partnership with CalOptima is a testament to Oscar & Ma's commitment to creating pathways for individuals to achieve their full potential. The day habilitation services offered through CalWorks will play a pivotal role in providing participants with the skills and support needed for meaningful employment and increased independence.

CalOptima's Vision

CalOptima, a leader in healthcare services, shares a common vision with Oscar & Ma in promoting the well-being of the community. By joining forces, the organizations aim to address the holistic needs of individuals, recognizing that meaningful employment is a key component of overall health and happiness.

Key Features of the Collaboration

  1. Tailored Day Habilitation Programs: Oscar & Ma, known for its personalized approach, will tailor day habilitation programs to meet the unique needs and aspirations of participants enrolled through CalOptima's CalWorks program.

  2. Skill Development Opportunities: The collaboration will focus on providing comprehensive skill development opportunities, ranging from life skills and vocational training, ensuring participants are well-equipped for success in the workforce.

  3. Long-Term Commitment: With a 5-year contract in place, Oscar & Ma and CalOptima demonstrate a shared dedication to fostering long-term positive outcomes for individuals seeking to overcome barriers to employment and independence.

  4. Community Impact: The partnership not only benefits individual participants but also contributes to building a stronger and more inclusive community by promoting workforce development for underserved individuals.

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