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Oscar & Ma, The HUB Resource Center, and CalOptima Announce a Collaboration that Provides Job Training for Homeless Communities in Orange County

Updated: Jan 17

As a provider of day habilitation through CalOptima’s CalAIM program, Oscar & Ma is now onsite at The HUB Resource Center to offer life skills & job training classes to unhoused people in Orange County.

A ribbon-cutting ceremony took place at the Center, celebrating the beginning of this partnership. Mayor Dan Slater of Orange and members of the Orange Chamber of Commerce attended the event.

Nonprofits Oscar & Ma and The HUB Resource Center are excited to announce a significant milestone in their commitment to empowering underserved populations in Orange County through a day habilitation program partially funded by CalOptima’s CalAIM program. 

The collaboration between Oscar & Ma, a workforce development nonprofit, and The HUB Resource Center, a facility dedicated to the well-being of unhoused individuals, is a new partnership to provide life skills & job training opportunities to unhoused people in Orange County.  

Joining the nonprofits at the ribbon-cutting ceremony were Mayor Dan Slater of the City of Orange, Members from the Orange Chamber of Commerce, Alisa Driscoll, Pat Buttress, Ryan Galindo, Jackson Wells, Ric Olsen, and Pattie Cordova. 

In addition, Tina Arias Miller, Field Representative for Assembly Member Avelino Valencia, Marina Flores, Field Representative for Congressman Lou Correa, Pat Buttress Field Representative for Supervisor Donald P. Wagner, Sarah Mendoza, Field Representative for Rep. Young Kim, attended as well as Phil Mcmullin from the Community Engagement Bureau of the City of Orange Police Department.  

Holiday Zimmerman, CEO of The HUB OC, Scott Green Founder of Oscar & Ma, Donovan "Chip" Zielke (President of Oscar & Ma), and Kylee Simonton (Director of The HUB Resource Center) cut the ribbon. 

Chip Zielke stated, "We are thrilled to be partnering with The HUB and CalOptima to provide these programs. By providing day habilitation and job training, we aim to empower those experiencing homelessness to rebuild their lives and chart a new path towards stability."

Holiday Zimmerman agrees, "We are so happy and grateful for all of our partners. Our collaboration with Oscar & Ma aligns seamlessly with our mission of holistic support for the unhoused. This partnership expands our capabilities, offering comprehensive solutions that address the multifaceted needs of our community members."

Day habilitation programs through CalOptima provide individuals with the skills needed to successfully operate in the community setting, such as developing interpersonal relationships, building daily living skills, and using public transportation.

The HUB Resource Center

As a resource center dedicated to the well-being of unhoused individuals, The HUB Resource Center provides comprehensive support for those seeking emotional, physical, and spiritual wellness. The center's extensive network of 60+ strategic partners ensures success in helping vulnerable community members transition into stable housing, access preventive care, and secure job opportunities.

Oscar & Ma

Oscar & Ma is playing a pivotal role in that process by providing life skills and job training onsite at the center. The partnership will deliver a comprehensive curriculum structured into four quarters, focusing on specific skill sets to empower participants:

• Q1: Life Skills

• Q2: Work Skills

• Q3: Vocational Training (Marketing, Events, Hospitality)

• Q4: Ongoing Training, Internships, Job Placement

Oscar & Ma’s mission is to create a workplace where people who need job opportunities can receive on-the-job training and experience in a professional field. Working with other nonprofit partners, Oscar & Ma generates opportunities for people with barriers to employment, teaching skills and providing a pathway to future employment.

To learn more, contact Catherine Green at, or Taylor Ferguson at

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